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We all know the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans,” and what could be more Roman than making Pasta? A home-cooked meal can be one of the most comforting things we can experience and if we can make it from scratch…all the better. On this adventure into one of the fundamental ingredients in Italian cuisine, we will make our way down winding streets and cobbled lanes into the Jewish Ghetto, one of Rome’s most historic neighborhoods. 


So participated in Pasta Making Food Tour In Rome, well-planned by Monti Food Tour. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main piazza, we meet the expert chef in a quiet corner of the neighborhood. He let us know a bit about the history of this ever-so-important Italian tradition of making Pasta. Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes, and different forms of Pasta are paired with different sauces and ingredients. For example, bucatini, a long and thick tubular pasta is perfect for saucy dishes because it can hold all that flavor inside its shape. Our chef explains the basics of pasta/sauce pairing, and our mouths start to water at the adventure that lies ahead.




As we get to know our chef and chat about different dishes that are essential in Italian cuisine, we will learn about the simple components needed to make Pasta. An egg and some flour. That’s it. All of that pasta magic is a combo of two simple ingredients. It begs the question, why haven’t I made this before? The simplicity of the ingredients is the key to making Pasta and, taking it further, to create a fantastic pasta dish. 


OK, now it’s time to start making Pasta! As we put on our aprons and get settled at our work stations, the chef portions out our ingredients (still amazed that it is only an egg and some flour!). Following instructions, we crack the egg into the well of flour and slowly start to incorporate the two. Then comes the fun, if a bit messy, part of using our hands to knead the dough as the chef keeps a close eye and reminds us to add a bit of flour until we get a perfect consistency. And now it’s time to chill, the Pasta gets wrapped up and goes in the fridge while we enjoy a glass of local red wine. 


The wine goes down smoothly, and we are ready to form the Pasta. We work as a team to master the art of the pasta machine as we roll the Pasta out thinner and thinner. A few cuts of the knife and we have perfect little nests of fettuccine. The Pasta takes but minutes to cook, and we pair it with a simple tomato sauce that has been simmering. A grating of Parmigiano and a bit of basil and presto! A simple, delicious meal that we have created by hand.




A perfect plate of Pasta is found not only in fresh & delicious ingredients but also in the way in which those ingredients are paired. Oftentimes, it is the paring down of the ingredients – adding only what is essential – that creates a magical yet simple meal. Take the traditional pasta Alla carbonara, for example, that uses only guanciale, eggs, Parmigiano, and freshly ground black pepper to create a creamy, scrumptious classic Roman dish. Search the internet, and you will find recipes galore that add milk or cream to the recipe – can you hear the Italians moaning through the computer? – and results in a dish that isn’t quite the real thing. 


The memory of an authentic pasta experience with a local chef will be a heart-warming reminder of time spent in Italy and the ability to recreate a delicious plate of pasta- the ultimate souvenir. A tradition in the kitchen that the family can perform together in Italy or anywhere else in the world. 


So if you also want to indulge in this foodie adventure, then book your seats with Monti Food Tour. Apart from Pasta Making Food Tour In Rome, they organize various food tours with different themes. Also, every food tour event is guided by a local helping you to catch up with some interesting facts about Rome and its culture.

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