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Whether it’s your first time to Italy or you’re a seasoned visitor, Rome’s ever-changing food scene will always have something to offer. The Monti Food Tour combines the best of Rome’s culture, cuisine and creativity to give you an authentic experience in the heart of the Eternal City. Our local guides have spent a lifetime exploring the trattorias, pizzerias and hole-in-the-wall venues and have used their expertise to create a delicious food tour in Monti, one of Rome’s most picturesque neighborhoods.

With more than 10 tastings during the 2-hour tour, you are guaranteed to leave satisfied. A classic “tagliere” (a mixed plate of meats and cheeses) and a glass of wine from our local vendor is the perfect way to get to know your guide and fellow travelers. Two types of pasta and, of course, another glass of wine are next up on the menu. Your guide will lead through the small streets of this ancient neighborhood as you make your way to the local pizzeria to sample pizza al taglio and suppli. The tour will end on a sweet note with a visit to our favorite gelateria where you can choose from an array of mouthwatering flavors.


The lunchtime food tour offers the unique experience of visiting Monti’s neighborhood market. This small market is filled with friendly vendors that bring in products from Rome’s surrounding area. In addition to a butcher and a fishmonger, there is local produce and wine from the Lazio region – everything straight from the farm. The vendors have even set up a tasting area, surrounded by photos depicting Rome’s past, and serve up an array of cured meats and cheeses along with olives and sun-dried tomatoes. Luca, the local “wine guy,” even supplies a choice of red or white wine poured from huge stainless steel barrels brought straight from the countryside. Locals from the neighborhood will come with their own plastic bottles and take home wine by the liter.

After a quick stop in the market to watch the fresh pasta and pastry being made, the tour heads to a nearby favorite restaurant to enjoy a pasta tasting. Roman recipes are centuries old and use simple ingredients that have stood the test of time. Derived from poor, working-class families, the classic L’amatriciana and Carbonara are delicious examples of the Italian kitchen. As the dishes are served, the guide will explain the different rules and traditions that every Italian grandma follows (i.e. which pasta can only be served with pecorino, never parmigiano).


Pizza al taglio (pizza by the cut is the literal translation) is the perfect street food. A crispy yet chewy pizza is the base upon which the pizzaiolo creates a masterpiece of flavors. Whether it’s a traditional Margarita (tomato, mozzarella, basil) or something a bit more out of the box like pumpkin and Gorgonzola, there is something on display to please every palate. The colors of the toppings draw you in and the flavors do not disappoint. Add a suppli on the side (a deep fried rice ball with ragu and mozzarella center) and you have a typical Roman lunch.

Nothing rounds off such a gluttonous and satisfying meal than light, creamy gelato. Whether you fancy deep flavors like dark chocolate and pistachio, or you crave a more fruity concoction like lemon and strawberry, the artiginal gelaterias in Monti have the best to offer. Every ingredient is locally sourced and each flavor is combined by hand in the back of the shop. An cloud-like dollop of fresh panna (whipped cream) atop the gelato is picture-perfect addition and the ideal way to end this Rome Food Tour.

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