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If you love to travel and explore the fantastic ruins of ancient history, Rome must be on your wish list. This city can be seen as a destination with lots of exciting stories and history buried. You can even relate Rome with the famous Shakespeare’s play- “Julius Ceasar,” as that was set up in the Roman culture. But one more thing that may attract you to plan a trip to Rome is the cuisine. These flavors are hard to find anywhere in the globe.

If you think that only pizza and pasta are the only dishes that falls under the category of Italian food, this surely is a myth. Many traditional Roman dishes will melt your heart and give a delightful experience. So broadly, there are two types of people exploring this eternal city. Some are the fans of Roman history and architecture, and others are food lovers. Fortunately, the culture of Rome has the option of Food tours for exploring the new flavors.

What is a walking food tour of Rome?

It is an adventurous food event wherein the participants take a short walk to explore different food dishes from the most popular local food points. They even get to know some fun facts about the region. But why should you participate in such a food tour in Rome?


Food Tour in Rome

Why take a walking food tour in Rome?

  • Best way to discover the most popular places

Just reserving a table in the casual restaurant can be a difficult as you may need to check reviews of n number of restaurants, and then shortlist a few. And if you just try a random restaurant claiming to be the best, then you may fall into their trap. Walking food tours of Rome are planned well by the local organization. The food points included in such a walking food tour of Rome, are well known for their taste and history. So you don’t have to waste your time in finding the best restaurant for yourself.

  • Get the chance to adore the art with food

Food tours in Rome may have various themes. You may have an opportunity to eat the most famous snack on the Roman streets while admiring the beauty of the architecture as well as food. This surely will be a fantastic experience giving some peace to your heart and stomach at the same time.


Monti Food Tour

  • Eat like a Roman

In these secret food tours in Rome, a small group of people gather together and then start their journey to savor the delicacies. While walking on the street, you get to interact with many local people and hear their stories. If you are participating in a Walking Food Tour In Rome planned by the Monti food tour, then you get a local guide who explains everything about the dish and the chef. This entire experience makes you feel like a Roman.

  • Get a little closer to Roman culture

As your event starts, you get to walk in the most happening streets of Rome and get to discover the local market with local ingredients. You can talk to them during this event to know more about the culture. Even the guide can help to communicate with local people if you do not know Italian. This way, you can understand the insights of the city that you may miss otherwise by traveling to some tourist spots.

  • An affordable way to explore the unseen side of the city

If you randomly try out every Roman food in the local market, you may have to overpay the price or spend money on all the dishes which are not even that much famous. Whereas food tours are much more affordable than random picks. You just have to pay for the event, and other things are included in the tour.

If you are looking to give a rollercoaster ride to your taste buds, you can book your seat in Food tours organized by Monti Food Tour. They have food tours with various themes, and the participants get to watch the live preparation of the food.

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